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"I believe that podcasting is grossly underpriced, and I think all of you should start a podcast in the same way that all of you are starting vlogs.

Go do it, figure it out."

- Gary Vaynerchuk (DailyVee 211)

Podcast Certified Course Sections

    1. Welcome
    2. Brief Bio for Skyler Irvine
    3. Why MOST Podcasts Fail
    1. How to Start a Podcast that Succeeds (Start with WHY)
    2. WHAT your podcast IS
    3. WHAT your podcast IS NOT
    4. WHO is your podcast for?
    1. Show Structure
    2. Creating Your Introduction
    3. The Secret to a Great ‘Outro’
    4. Naming your Podcast
    5. Where to Host your Podcast
    6. Episode Titles, Descriptions and Show Notes!
    7. Podcast Thumbnail
    1. Fear of Failure
    2. How to REALLY Succeed in Podcasting
    3. Preparing for Success
    1. Equipment Overview
    2. Mics and Accessories
    3. Audio Interface & Recording
    4. DAW & Software
    5. Setting Up Your Recording Space
    6. Practicing Your ‘Mic Techniques’
  1. Create a Professional Workflow
    1. Podcast Trailer
    2. Episode 1
    3. Batch Recording and Queue Scheduling
    4. Episodes 2-10
  1. Uploading, Publishing and Sharing!
    1. Wrapping Things Up
    2. Resources

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